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 C L O C K S   A N D   A C C E S S O R I E S :


Bow: Simpler in shape than the Ribbon, the concave Bow, 90x460mm, comes in the same range of stainless-steel finishes to ensure that light always plays across its stylish facade.

The ideal gift for style slaves. Measuring 90x700mm, the Ribbon clock is restrained and minimal. Elegantly waved, Ribbon clock could find wall space irrespective of your home’s decorative style. Available in a range of steel finishes: Texture; Line; Scribble; and Stripe – as illustrated below.Price £49

Clocktails: Call time on guests with these fun bottle-mounted clocks (right). Dressed formally with traditional ‘black-tie’ hands, Fizz and and the more slim-line Cordial (both approx 85x90mm) are perfect gifts for the tardy dipsomaniacs we know and love.

Freestanding: Our range of elegant free-standing clocks make stylish additions to any home. Simply select your preferred design from the geometrically improbable Curvy, to more the more restrained Shapely (both 100x230mm), but if Eastern msyticism tingles your ying, Yang could be for you.
Our free standing clocks (left) are available in stainless steel.


Office and Desk Accessories
The Diametrics desk accessory range as supplied to organisations as large and diverse as British Petroleum and the British Broadcasting Corporation..
Elegant, stacking steel filing trays, waste paper basket and bookends.