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 L I V I N G   S P A C E   I N T E R I O R S :

Stephen Povey has undertaken interior design work on living spaces and delivered commissioned custom furnishings for an ever-growing and prestigious clientel. Included below are some pictorial examples of this work. Please contact us for further information.



Interiors Client 1
Client 1 is an international rock musician, who approached Diametrics-Povey to furnish his Surrey country mansion.
Included in this work are:
A pair of metal cabinets to house hifi and studio equipment (left)
Akrosystem studio desk and storage.

Interiors Client 2
Client 2 approached Diametrics-Povey to completely design a relaxed and elegant room interior in her apartment to suit its location in the Richard Rogers designed Thames Reach development.
Included in this work are:
Steel Eye dining table; Zulu mirror angled to give river reflection ; Pair of steel screen room dividers; Coffe table.


Interiors Client 3 (left)
Client 3 commissioned Diametrics-Povey to design and build a home multi-media studio in steel.
This work included:
A whole room fitted with a minimal custom Akrosystem including custom fittings and additions specific to the design brief.

Interiors Client 4
Client 4 is an acclamed scientist, who approached Diametrics Povey to furnish his London Little Venice Appartment.
Included in this work are: A steeleye dining table, steel eye chairs, and a mirror to reflect every angle and play of light.